Pelican Lake -- Manitoba Canada

Dunrea Manitoba

The village of Dunrea was named after John N. Dunlop and Thomas Rae. These two pioneers owned the land on which the village site was laid out. Also, two streets in the village are named in their memory. The village became the unincorporated village of Dunrea in 1932, however the early beginnings were in the 1880’s. Dunrea is located next to what was originally the Canadian Northern Railway line. This line was built in 1898 and offi cially opened in 1900.

Over the years Dunrea had many thriving businesses and stores and even its’ own jail. For some time in the early 1900’s the village also had its’ own constable as well. Although the jail and most of the stores and businesses are now gone, one aspect of the history of this quiet village that was a signifigant influence then and remains so today is Saint Felix Parish Church. It was and still is the focal point of the community. The church was established in 1887 by Father Felix Turcotte.

Another community gathering place today is the Dunrea Inn with its’ restaurant and bar. Another feature of Dunrea is their mascot; a statute of a Canada Goose overlooking the entrance to Dunrea from highway 23. This monument stands on the flyway of
geese travelling north in spring and south in fall. Be sure to take note of the direction it faces when you view it as it turns to follow the flight of the geese.

For those interested in a more detailed history of both the villages of Ninette and Dunrea, a book titled “Riverside Heritage” can be purchased from the Rural Municipality of Riverside office in Dunrea ( 776-2113 ).