Pelican Lake -- Manitoba Canada

Belmont Manitoba

Belmont was named after a pioneer family named Bell. The name Belmont was a combination of Bell and mount for the mounds or hills of the town site. The Bell family moved to Belmont from Nova Scotia in 1879. The Belmont townsite was the original homestead of John Oliver Bell and his family. In the late 1800’s the railroad came to Belmont and provided rail access to Belmont and several other towns in the area.

For many years there was a daily return service on the Brandon, Wawanesa, Hilton Belmont and Baldur line. Postal service for the area began August 1, 1884 at a location called Craigilea. This site was approximately 2 1/2 miles south of the present Belmont Post Office. Belmont is located on Manitoba Provincial highway #23, approximately 90 Km from Brandon and 200 Km from Winnipeg and only 10 Km from Pelican Lake. Our Communities On the east side of Pelican Lake, easily accessable to Belmont, are the lakeshore developements of Manhatten Beach, Cow Point, Turtle Lodge, Strathcona Memorial Park and Miami Beach. Strathcona has a public beach & picnic area

Belmont businesses offer a wide range of merchandise and services: a list can be found in this publication. Anyone wanting more information need only ask any of the friendly residents of the area.